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At the Kenya France Business Club (KFBC), we’re dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to thrive in the dynamic landscape of international business. Our membership options are carefully crafted to provide you with a comprehensive suite of benefits that align with your goals, needs, and aspirations.

Membership Benefits:

Stay ahead of the curve with our insightful newsletters. Gain access to in-depth analyses of economic, political, and social developments in Kenya, France, and the broader East African region. Stay informed and make informed decisions.

Business success often hinges on a nuanced understanding of local contexts and cultures. As a KFBC member, you’ll immerse yourself in the intricacies of both the French and Kenyan environments. Enhance your business engagements and establish more meaningful connections.

Our commitment to your success extends to personalized services. From business prospection to project information across diverse sectors, our offerings cater to your specific needs. We ensure that business contacts are nurtured, and support continues until project implementation.

Networking is a gateway to opportunities. As a KFBC member, you’ll gain exclusive access to interact with peers, high-level personalities, and industry experts during our curated events. Forge connections that can drive your business forward.

Experience a world of possibilities with access to KFBC events and those organized by our partners. Stay connected with a diverse network of professionals, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.


Membership Options:

Individual Membership

Tailored for professionals and entrepreneurs seeking personal growth, this membership offers exclusive insights, networking opportunities, and access to our events.

Business Membership

Designed for organizations looking to expand their reach, this membership includes benefits for multiple team members, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your business needs.

Premium Membership

Experience the ultimate in membership benefits with our premium offering. Enjoy priority access to events, personalized consulting, and bespoke networking opportunities.

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